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Climate Digital is a break through HVAC management system for commercial buildings that delivers advanced features, flexible deployments, and disruptive pricing.

Tired of being limited of by traditional control systems? Has your current system reached it's "end of life" status and is no longer being supported?

If so, Climate Digital is the option you've been looking for.

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The stuff that makes us Great


Our pricing is truly unique and affordable, in a market that's laden with exorbitant expenses. See how much you can save with us.


We offer a fully web based system that's simple and easy to use, complete with powerful management features.


Put the power of data in your hands. Don't check the temperature, look at a picture of it. Enjoy gorgeous easy to read graphs just 2 clicks.

Think we'd be a good fit? Let's find out!

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A breakthrough product deserves breakthrough pricing. We looked long and hard at the pricing of our competitors, and decided it wasn't for us. It's just too expensive, lacked benefits, and had too short of a support life. The cost of hardware, software, and programming can all run tens of thousands of dollars. We then looked at the direct expenses of owning a management system, and didn't like what we saw either. A better way, it seemed would be to lease both the software and the hardware, then eliminate the programming and license fees all together.

By adopting a leasing model, we were also able to eliminate the planned obsolescence, expansion licenses, programming, and other nonsense fees. An additional bonus of leasing your management system is that all repairs are now shifted on to us. So if a controller breaks, it gets fixed at no additional cost to you.

It costs the average building owner $40,000 to install a management system with 2 RTU's and 10 VAV's. Most control systems have a life span of 8-10 years before their software reaches it's end of life status, and needs to be upgraded. Upgrades usually cost an additional $10k to $20k, and rarely add any additional functionality.

Compare this system with a system from Climate Digital, where the install cost is $4,898.40, and a monthly fee of $109.88. After a 10 year period, your total out of pocket cost is only $18,084.00. That's a savings of over 50%! Plus, at the end of 10 years, you're not being asked for more money to "upgrade" your existing system.

Take into account your repair costs on your current system, and the cost savings keep adding up!

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Got temperature complaints? We've got solutions!

Instantly view a 2hr history of the temperature for a given space, complete with low, high and average temps. Our system makes it easy to adjust the temperature if needed, or toggle HVAC functions to make the space more comfortable.

Role Based Controls

RBC's allow you to set permissions and limits based on who's logged in. Limit temperature settings for tenants to 70 - 72, but allow property management to have full control.


(Because Sharing is Caring)

Climate Digital embraces and fully supports zoning systems. Zoning allows you to give each area of a space it's own temperature control, all without adding additional HVAC units.

Not All Zones Are Created Equal

Some zones may heat or cool quicker than others, and we know this. Our system allows many ways around this, such as setting a priority zone, or a weighted average. We'll keep everyone comfortable.

Lets Grow Together

Adding more tenants to your building? Fantastic! Climate Digital expands seamlessly with your tenant spaces. Easily add more VAV's or RTU's to your system, all without breaking the bank, and of course, no annoying "license expansions".

Coming soon!

Creating the future takes some time, and we want to make sure everything's just right for you. Check back for updates on when our web service will be available.

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